Our values

EcoCarbon Limited aims to provide social and environmental values within its business activities. We seek to be social responsible company with promotion of the following key principles:

  • Permanent increasing of social responsibility and strict adherence to rules of business ethics;
  • Environmental protection as a significant corporate line of development;
  • People safety, respect for human rights and absolute ban of human right abuses as the most important value;
  • Community and culture initiatives support as a perspective area of company’s development;
  • Strong compliance with applicable laws including international rules and guidelines;
  • Absolute rejection of fraudulent practice and any illegal actions in our business.

EcoCarbon Limited is committed to develop the business with close compliance with all the above principles, always following the best international practice in the area of social responsibility, safety, human rights and environment protection.

Being a new coal trading company we are determined to minimize and admonish any negative impact on the environment and to comply with applicable laws, regulations and other environmental management requirements while making our business to grow further. We will protect environmental resources with elaborate planning, management systems and day-to-day activities to prevent any ecology risks.

We follow up with climate change initiatives worldwide and continue to meet its requirements for a comprehensive feedback to any climate change challenges.

We believe that fossil fuels and coal specifically are going to continue taking an important part in the global energy demand, and it is important that this is done in a properly clean and adequate way; to help to achieve this, we are committed to support the development of high-end technologies while doing our best to prove that “Eco” can be found also within the coal and other fossil fuels supply chains.

As global forecasts previewed the current fossil fuels situation, we expect that global energy needs will continue to increase, in line with population and GDP growth. Coal is plentiful and secure energy source; we believe that this commodity will continue to play its major role in the advancement of developing economies worldwide.