Corporate governance

EcoCarbon Limited is a private vertically integrated company performing under the EU law and regulations by own Memorandum of Association. Defining the corporate governance practice we follow international guidelines such as the UK Code of Corporate Governance.

Governing bodies of EcoCarbon Limited are the General meeting, the Board of directors and the Executive Director.

General meetings of the shareholders are held at least once a year resolving and determining the most important questions of business such as lines of development, annual results, dividends, strategies and etc. Annual General meeting frequently may be opened and managers of all levels at the company may participate in strategic solutions development on a parity basis.

Day-to-day business solutions are managed by the Director in strict adherence to laws, Memorandum of Association  and internal company’s rules and resolutions.

We prevent any possible conflict of interest and maintain an efficient system of internal audit and control. We aim to create long-term relations with all our stakeholders including shareholders, investors, partners, customers, employees and their families. We understand that human resources are the most important value in our business and we seek to accommodate the interests of all parties involved in our business activity. We aim to observe high ethical standards, increase professional skills of our staff and fulfill all our corporate, social and contractual obligations.