EcoCarbon joins Metal Expert conference in Istanbul

EcoCarbon Ltd., an international trader, supplying eco-grades of coal to the global market, joined Metal Expert 14th CIS Coal Market forum as a Gold Sponsor. The conference took place on 9-10th September 2021 in Istanbul.

This was a long-awaited event, which was postponed several times due to the Covid-19 pandemic and this September the organizers finally managed to gather more than 100 delegates from 22 countries offline, in compliance with all the necessary anti-coronavirus protective measures.

The event was attended by coal suppliers, end-users, coal traders, shipping companies, experts and analysts from Turkey, Russia, Europe, Middle East and other parts of the globe. The delegates had a great opportunity to forge business relationships, expand their client network and take part in panel discussions on current trends in the global coal market, supply-demand and price forecasts amid soaring coal indices, as well as discuss the prospects and threats facing the industry in the short- and long term, including ways of building a sustainable future for coal generation, based on clean coal technologies, environmental audit and compliance.

EcoCarbon supplies eco-grades of green coal with low ash and sulphur content in order to minimize CO2, SOx and NOx emissions. The company follows up with climate change initiatives worldwide and continue to meet its requirements for a comprehensive feedback to any climate change challenges. Fossil fuels and coal specifically are going to continue taking an important part in the global energy demand, and it is important that this is done in a properly clean and adequate way, using progressive technological schemes and digital transformation of coal complexes. EcoCarbon is committed to support the development of high-end clean coal technologies while doing its best to prove that “Eco” can be found also within the coal and other fossil fuels supply chains.