EcoCarbon sends sponsorship funds to Community Chest of Korea

Large group of people forming South Korea national flag in social media and community concept on white background. 3d sign of crowd illustration from above gathered together

EcoCarbon has donated funds to Community Chest of Korea (CCK), the national social welfare fundraising organization, fostering the society free from poverty, illness, and discrimination.
CCK plays a critical role in helping underprivileged citizens who are in need of community support. CCK makes ceaseless efforts to enhance the quality of life and to expand a wide range of access to welfare for community members by supporting diverse projects aimed to encourage volunteering activities in the local communities, offering psychological and emotional counseling services, empower the convenience and accessibility of the services, and working to eliminate prejudice and to raise public awareness.

EcoCarbon, as a socially responsible company, is aware that during the threat of the global Covid-19 pandemic for all mankind, it is extremely important to provide assistance and support to the most needy segments of the population in all parts of the planet, sponsoring funds and organizations that have innovative programs and mechanisms for distributing assistance to the most vulnerable members of communities worldwide.

EcoCarbon, the international coal trader, is committed to develop business in close compliance with the principles of Ethical coal, always following the best international practice in the area of social responsibility, safety, human rights and environment protection.

EcoCarbon stands for Ethical coal principles and supplies eco-friendly, Covid-19 free high-quality material to its customers throughout the world. The Company is committed to support the development of high-end technologies while doing its best to prove that “Eco” can be found also within the coal and other fossil fuels supply chains.