EcoCarbon continues global deliveries of eco-friendly, Covid-19 free coal

EcoCarbon staff has completely switched to online mode, while the Company continues to deliver eco-friendly, high-quality material to its customers throughout the world.

Along with compliance to the core Principles of Ethical coal throughout the coal supply chain and the Company’s policies to prevent any kind of ecology and safety risks, EcoCarbon supplies coal solely via specialized seaport terminals with high-tech coal handling, which is fully automated through the use of railcar dumpers, conveyor systems, stackers, reclaimers and shiploaders, magnetic cleaning and quality control, ensured by automatic samplers.

In addition, EcoCarbon partners currently involved in the coal supply chain, including open-pit mines, railways and seaports, have introduced innovative unprecedented health and labour safety measures to operate during Covid-19 pandemic and prevent the spread of the virus around the globe. All enterprises involved in coal export supplies, are provided with medical points that conduct examinations of employees before the start of every working shift. Contactless thermal imagers are installed to carry out round-the-clock health checks. All the employees are equipped with special respirators and disinfectant sprays. Office and industrial buildings are wet-cleaned using germicides, buses that deliver employees are disinfected after each trip.

These regulations ensure the safe work of employees and allow EcoCarbon to fulfill all the obligations to the partners, guaranteeing the accuracy of high performance under difficult conditions in hard times of the global pandemic by supplying Covid-19 free material.