COVID-19: EcoCarbon Announcement

Cyprus flag and futuristic digital abstract composition with Covid-19 stamp. Coronavirus outbreak concept

Dear All,

At this difficult epidemiological time we urge you to follow the recommendations of medicals and refuse to leave your home without a valid reason. We, as adherents of caring for the ecosystem, consider it reasonable to transfer the company’s employees to remote access mode, to stop any meetings with partners until April 30, due to the strict ban of the President of the Republic of Cyprus. We urge you to be responsible in the face of the pandemic and join the responsible business community in this fight for the health of our employees, their families and the entire population.

For this purpose the communication of our employees with partners and among themselves is completely switched to online mode. We are happy that during the development of high technologies we can preserve our health without compromising the working process. Our emails and phone numbers are always available to you, we continue to deliver quality products and will strive to do so even in such a difficult period. We wish all of us to get through the pandemic while preserving our health.