EcoCarbon took part in World Coal Leaders Network


EcoCarbon took part in the World Coal Leaders Network as a Bronze Sponsor. This year the organizers of this major global coal industry event have chosen Lisbon (Portugal) as the venue for the Forum.

The Forum networking offered great opportunities to listen and debate with the most influential speakers and experts of the coal industry on pressing issues faced by producers, consumers and exporters of coal in today’s environment.

The event introduced main macroeconomic trends, production forecasts and analysis of price movements amid interviews with industry leaders and interactive exchange of views between attendees.

During presentations and panel sessions, delegates received valuable updates on the prospects of global energy mix whilst regional speakers covered the Indian and Chinese markets and their influence on global coal mining and trading.

The speakers gave outstanding insights into the increasing share of solar and wind generation in the global energy mix and ways to minimize environmental impact when using traditional fuels, including coal and gas. Topics of these presentations are extremely relevant for EcoCarbon since the company follows up with climate change initiatives worldwide and continues to meet its requirements for a comprehensive feedback to any climate change challenges.

EcoCarbon supplies low emission coal with low ash and sulphur content in order to minimize SOx and NOx emissions. EcoCarbon is committed to support the development of high-end technologies while doing its best to prove that “Eco” can be found also within the coal and other fossil fuels supply chains.

The World Coal Leaders Network in Lisbon definitely provided a great platform for making new business contacts that hopefully will lead to a fruitful cooperation straightening the position of EcoCarbon on the global energy market.