EcoCarbon summed up the results of 2018


EcoCarbon summed up the results of 2018 within the official meeting on 18 December. The event took place at the headquarters of the company in Limassol, where EcoCarbon staff, including the director of the company Annita Sofokleous Anastasiou and CCO Sergei Belozerov, discussed current trading activity of EcoCarbon, the most pressing issues and plans for 2019.

Annita Sofokleous Anastasiou, director of EcoCarbon highly appreciated the results of EcoCarbon in 2018. “2018 was the year of the company’s formation and its entry into the international coal market. We have done a great job in analyzing and forecasting the market, building up business relations with potential coal suppliers and end-users.

The company’s most important policies were developed in terms of creating a transparent business, based on compliance throughout coal supply chain with the core principles of Ethical coal, such as Human Rights and Social Responsibility, conformity to International Laws, Business Ethics and Environmental protection. Much attention was paid to the issues of logistics, the use modern coal terminals, which apply high technologies and environmentally friendly equipment for coal handling and storage.”

Eco Carbon’s CCO Sergey Belozerov shared his opinion on the current situation in the international coal markets and outlined forecast prices and prospects for the development of coal generation in traditional areas and emerging markets. “EcoCarbon plans to scale up its sales up to 10-15 million tons of high-quality coal in 2019, with a gradual increase to 25 million tons by 2021 due to expansion of coal suppliers network in key coal basins and ramping up sales in perspective emerging markets.”

According to Sergey Belozerov, the large-scale work of EcoCarbon staff, including the negotiations held, the concluded contracts and the comprehensive analysis of the expansion of the geography of supplies, gives undoubted confidence in the company’s sustainable prospects in terms of the implementation of its ambitious plans in the coming years.

The use of pragmatic approach, profound knowledge of the market and practical experience of EcoCarbon team are those values, which will allow the company to strengthen its position on the global coal market and to occupy a worthy place amongst the leaders of world coal trading”.