EcoCarbon is a fast-growing international coal trading company established in Cyprus in 2018.

The company offers a large variety of high-quality eco-friendly metallurgical and thermal coal grades of different origins and delivers them to coal markets of the Atlantic and the Pacific basin.

Among our customers are the largest power generation and steel making companies. Trading volumes of EcoCarbon surged to 40.0 mtpa in 2020 and are expected to stay stable in 2021-2022 subject to global coal supply and demand.

Our values are reflected in the name of our company. We realize our responsibility for future generations and therefore conduct all the operations in compliance with the principles of Ethical coal throughout coal supply chain, meeting the highest environmental, health and safety standards.

Only high quality eco-friendly coal from main coal mining sites around the world is thoroughly selected and shipped to major high-tech deep-sea coal terminals with the use of optimal logistics solution.

Coal Sales (2018-2022), mtpa